Transforming healthcare’s conflicts

Conflict in the workplace doesn’t have to be a disaster—it can be an opportunity for transformation. Too often conflicts in healthcare environments are avoided, handled inadequately, and allowed to escalate into major disputes. Prevent that disaster by developing the resources to effectively deal with stressful situations without damaging the team or jeopardizing medical care.


375992Strategic Planning Facilitation

Ensure the success of your next long-range planning session by engaging a trained facilitator.

20111112_medicos_salud-26Contract Negotiations

Whether you’re a physician, CMO, or CEO, start the relationship off right—even before it’s in writing!

269518Dispute Resolution

Coaching, mediation, and conflict management solutions for nurses, physicians and hospitals.

Recent Articles

Preventing Conflict in Healthcare – A Missed Opportunity!

In May of 2008, the Joint Commission released its Leadership Standards for 2009 with the goal of creating a Culture of Safety. A key element of the new standards was the prevention of workplace conflict that the JCAHO determined was disrupting communication between practitioners, which their research confirmed was compromising patient care. In response, Healthcare […]


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