Get expert guidance in contract negotiation—the first step in establishing an important long-term relationship.

Whether you’re:

  • A group of physicians seeking to provide clinical services to a hospital
  • A healthcare system wanting to expand the number and specialties of employed physicians
  • Or a vendor wanting to deliver essential products or services

We’ll help you successfully acquire or retain the contract necessary to move forward.


As professional advocates, we have experience representing both parties involved: physicians and hospitals. With graduate degrees in dispute resolution and extensive healthcare negotiation experience, we can help you secure lasting agreements that achieve your operational and financial objectives. If you wince at the time required to negotiate employment or clinical service contracts, let us take those tasks off your hands.

We help negotiate

  • Physician employment contracts
  • Clinical service contracts
  • Administrative services agreements

Even if you have considerable negotiating experience, we’ll help you gain a new perspective, whether it’s defining your interests or envisaging new approaches.


Instead of taking the adversarial approach, consider mediation. With our mediated assistance, you can turn those tense pre-agreement discussions into a foundation for a solid relationship. Our facilitation of the negotiations will promote a more disciplined and productive engagement than a one-on-one confrontation that could potentially damage the relationship. As an objective strategist, we can help both parties identify their “wants and why’s,” thereby generating the most effective outcome.


If you’re in the early stages of establishing a vendor–client relationship, avoid the misunderstandings and complications that can jeopardize long-term stability. As neutral facilitators, we work to establish mutual trust and credibility for the client and the vendor.

Even established, long-term relationships have occasional hiccups. Don’t let these situations disrupt a successful partnership. Involving our dispute resolution professionals can turn the conflicts into opportunities for a stronger, more committed relationship.