Is it time for your organization’s next long-range planning session? The stakes are high and the topics are controversial. Don’t compound these challenges by using your personnel to manage the discussions. Instead, retain a professional facilitator to coordinate the upcoming meeting!


  • Enhanced Value
    You’re investing time and resources in an off-site strategy session. But there’s still risk for disagreement, confusion, and personal upset. Professional facilitation reduces those risks and maximizes the prospects for positive outcome.
  • Sustain Momentum
    You need to keep the focus on problem solving rather than laying blame. Our professional facilitators will manage the process, ensuring the active participation of all interested parties.
  • The Right Mindset
    Progress requires a collective tension that promotes positive energy but without negative angst. Facilitation minimizes disruptive conflicts so your team stays focused and engaged.
  • Full-team Participation
    We keep your entire team fully engaged—exploring new ideas, advocating from their own perspectives, while inquiring about the interests of others.
  • Objective Outcome
    In-house leaders may compromise the organization’s objectives with their own agendas and emotions, or give their own ideas short shift in the effort to be impartial. Either way, the outcome will suffer. In contrast, our independent objective facilitators will guide the meeting with no vested interest in a particular outcome.
  • Explore New Strategy Frameworks
    You can utilize the established Mission, Vision, Values planning exercise. Or consider a variety of exciting alternatives that incorporate the latest research on performance, productivity, and workplace satisfaction.


  • Training
    Robert Fielder holds an MA in dispute resolution, which includes extensive training in coaching, mediation, and negotiation. He’s also completed advanced studies in facilitation.
  • Specialization
    • Hospital-based clinical department process improvement and productivity
    • Nurse and physician communication and collaboration
    • C-Suite and/or Board of Director alignment
    • Physician employment—contract negotiation and compensation plan design and implementation
    • Clinical service—contract negotiation
  • Experience
    Robert has been in practice management and healthcare consulting for over 30 years. He has expertise in resolving contractual, operational, organizational, and interpersonal disputes.
  • Results
    Our facilitations have included:
    • Annual long-range planning sessions for medical practices, clinical service departments, senior leadership teams, and hospital boards
    • Patient flow and departmental process redesign
    • Governance and collective decision-making for hospital boards, medical practices, and clinical service departments
    • Compensation plan design and implementation
    • Physician employment contract negotiation
    • Clinical service contract negotiation


Effective facilitation starts well before the planning session begins.

  1. Understanding Your Organization
    We’ll first gain a thorough understanding of your organization and its members. Working with your team, we’ll establish the issues to be discussed, their significance, and expectations from the proceedings.
  2. Understanding the Facilitator and Format
    We’ll make sure you get to know how we operate and the facilitation style we’ll be using. Together we’ll establish an approach that works well for all participants.
  3. Balanced Approach
    We effectively manage the competing interests of participants without interfering with the flow of information central to the effective planning process.