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Robert FielderRobert Fielder holds a Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution and has over thirty-five years of experience consulting with healthcare professionals. His formal training and hospital-based background make him uniquely qualified to work with healthcare organizations and physicians to successfully resolve conflict.

Robert’s concentration is in hospital-based clinical department operations, most specifically emergency medicine, anesthesia, and hospitalists services.

Additionally, he specializes in management services for physician-owned practices. He recognizes the inherent challenges multi-owner enterprises face in collective decision-making and effective governance. He’s developed innovative solutions that produce the desired balance of authority, accountability, and responsiveness so the physicians can meet their own interests and those of the client hospitals.

Robert has successfully resolved a variety of contractual, operational, and organizational disputes. He assists his clients in their negotiations as advocate, facilitator, or advisor. He can also serve as a third-party neutral in a dispute.

For more information on Robert’s experience working with hospitals and physicians, see Hospital Practice Consultants websites www.HospitalPractice.com and www.HospitalPractitioner.com.