Build Physician Leadership Skills

Healthcare professionals have carefully honed their clinical skills. Is it time to enhance their leadership and communication skills?

Through coaching, physicians will learn how to:

  • Effectively resolve conflict
  • Communicate more effectively with other physicians, nurses, and co-workers
  • Professionally collaborate with your clinical team to expand your reach and impact

As a result, your team will experience:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Superior clinical outcomes
  • Increased provider and patient satisfaction

We can also help your healthcare organization train in-house peer coaches. Empower your practitioners to provide counsel to their colleagues. This will improve relationships among themselves and with their patients.

When Does Coaching Help Physicians?

Here are just some of the occasions that call for coaching:

  • They’re preparing to take a leadership role in your practice or an administrative position in the hospital.
  • You’re seeking someone to assume that leadership role.
  • A key member of your medical staff has been cited for a code-of-conduct violation.

Address Code-of-Conduct Compliance

If you or a member of your team has been cited with a code-of-conduct violation, turn this into an opportunity for transformation. Our individual coaching offers:

  • A safe place to explore behavioral issues
  • Insights for effectively overcoming past upsets and avoiding future episodes
  • A path for (re)building trust and cooperation
  • Improved personal and professional relationships
  • Accountability and confidentiality

Experienced Healthcare Coaches

Our coaches are specifically trained to help healthcare professionals succeed. We deliver:

  • Proven dispute resolution techniques
  • Insights drawn from real healthcare experience
  • Flexibility to accommodate the demands of clinical activities
  • Face-to-face sessions to first establish rapport plus follow-up sessions via phone or Internet

Our training will help boost collaboration with fellow healthcare professionals and improve communication with patients.

Call for a no-obligation conversation about your situation.