Preventing Conflict Isn’t the Same as Avoiding It

Steps to Conflict Prevention

  1. Identify common characteristics of conflict within your organization.
    We’ll review actual incidents and review survey data to uncover the patterns behind the conflicts.
  2. Determine the extent to which operational policy or practice may contribute to those disputes.
    We’ll help you evaluate organizational policies, procedures, and protocols that may be causing conflict.
  3. Identify options for achieving the desired operational results without the conflict.
    We’ll work with your leadership team to brainstorm and experiment with ways to achieve the intended performance in ways that don’t trip the conflict triggers, so the likelihood of disputes is lessened.
  4. Implement those new policies or practice.
    Observe its effectiveness to determine if the objectives have been met, without the adverse consequences. This on-going review and feedback from the staff and disputant parties shows how successfully your team is handling conflict and how to keep improving.