Why Mediate Healthcare’s Workplace Conflicts?

Conflicts happen, especially in the clinical setting. But they don’t have to permanently damage your healthcare organization.

Don’t let conflict:

  • Compromise the quality of healthcare you deliver
  • Damage team unity

Instead of minimizing the conflict or settling for a resolution that merely allows the disputing parties to “move on,” use mediation to restore the relationship. This will re-establish trust, respect, and cooperation among your clinical care team and their patients.

Mediation: More than a Promise and Plan

Sometimes good intentions aren’t enough when physicians and nurses promise to adhere to a code of conduct. And it takes more than just a plan to modify past misbehaviors.

A good resolution requires:

  • Both the offender and the offended to participate in the search for an appropriate remedy
  • A safe environment for the parties to address past actions
  • Ground rules for the future relationship

All of this is best accomplished in the confidential setting facilitated by a well-trained, healthcare-oriented mediator.

Who Should Mediate?

Peer Mediators

A trained colleague trusted by both parties can be the ideal person to facilitate resolution discussions. We can equip doctors, nurses, and staff who already naturally navigate the cross currents of the clinical environment to serve as peer mediators.

Professional Mediators

Alternatively, using dispute resolution professionals who have healthcare backgrounds offers unique advantages. We have both the formal education and experience with healthcare conflicts to establish credibility, which significantly contributes to the timely and meaningful resolution of the conflict.

Benefits of Mediation in Healthcare Include:

  • Safety and confidentiality
  • Reduced risk of losing key employees and providers
  • Avoiding costly litigation
  • Restored trust and cohesion of the clinical care team
  • Long-term behavior modifications
  • Increased satisfaction among patients, staff, and practitioners